Leyre. 16, Spain, bisexual, feminist, vegetarian.

Reading, writing, photography, music.
ART in general.

Here for anything you need.

reading: Les Misérables

watching:Utopia S2.
Death in Paradise S3.
Orange is the New Black S1.





Fave books: Madame Bovary, Never Let Me Go, Hp books, SH books, The Great Gatsby, Cannery Row, Out of the Easy, The Book Thief, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Lord of the Flies, THG.

Fave films: The Cloud Atlas, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, School of Rock, Untouchable, Les Choristes, Midnight in Paris, Never Let Me Go, Midnight in Paris, Au revoir les enfants, Moonrise Kingdom, Star Wars.

Fave series: Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, Sherlock, Elementary, AHS, ATLA/ATLOK, Misfits, Skins, PLL, DW, Black Sails, TW, Suburgatory, True Detective, The Hour, Black Mirror.
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witches and wizards of colour

The REAL Lavender Brown

Angelina is slayin tho.

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l’après-midi au Louvre | part I

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Lumière Brothers - The Serpentine Dance (c.1899)

Brilliant. The Lumiere Brothers filmed this in black and white, and then hand coloured (probably with little paint brushes) each frame of the film. You can see the full movie here.

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No Mythologies To Follow“

Born free, hanging in the trees
And waiting for the duties coming for me
All we ever do is count the time, following something
Riddles in their diamond rings

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when you think the night has seen your mind
that inside you're twisted and unkind

let me stand to show that you are blind
please put down your hands
cause i see you
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a place where something used to be

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